my girlfriend's ford aspire

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1994 Ford Aspire Tribute Video
I finally sold my 1994 Ford Aspire. I bought this car in 2007 when gas hit the $4.00 mark in New Hampshire. I drove it all through graduate school while I was self-employed and it saved my butt with its awesome fuel economy. I never once felt like falling asleep when I drove this car. It only made 63 horsepower but it was an enjoyable ride. I sold it to my friend, who will hopefully take care of it for the next few years.

2016 Ford GT Supercar Unveiled!!! NAIAS Ford Release 2015 // AutoAdrenaline
The ALL NEW 2016 FORD GT Unveiled at 2015 NAIAS Press Release. Enjoy! 2016 Shelby GT350 Ford Mustang

blowing up a ford aspire part 2
long story short, cam seal went bad (it can empty the 4 oil pan in 5miles) it covered the rear tiress with oil. i hit 2 trees totaling it. so with only 2quarts of oil on its way to the scrap yard we bounce the engine off the rev limiter for 4minutes on my camera (part1) and it was never shut off and then theres about 5minutes (this video) so a total of 9 minutes. i'd say these motors are pretty durable....

My 1996 Ford Aspire lansing Michigan
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