Accord JDM h22a VS BMW 320i 2010

My stander honda accord h22a vs bmw 320i this raca just for testing the BMW speed and accaleration

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Honda VTEC vs American V8 (Fastest Civic)
Video showing the power of a 4 piston Honda near stock k20a VTEC Engine, one of the most powerful 4 cylinder engines in the world. This civic has more Boost than American muscle cars.

Honda Accord H22A acceleration 0-180km/h
Stock CD6 H22A - 2.2" Exhaust piping

Honda Accord jdm h22a cruising
Cruising in PA. On the way to a friends house. Thanx to Charlie Boi for the nice vid.

H22 Accord VS K Series Civics
- Grey FA5; full bolt on with FP. VitTuned 223whp/160wtq - EP3 with K20A2 swap tuned by PC @ Inline X 240whp - White FA5 full bolt on, no FP nor tuned - Black FG2 full bolt on with FP street tuned