Dodge Neon SRT-4 dyno: 353 hp 340 tq presents: "Mopar or Nocar" Dyno event by

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Dodge Neon SRT-4 dyno: 260 hp 292 tq presents: "Mopar or Nocar" Dyno event by

Overnight parts from Japan! Laile Beatrush chassis upgrade for my WRX STI - OVERNIGHT PARTS FROM JAPAN! LOL Jesse from Fast and Furious would be proud. I took a trip to Kami Speed and told them "Give me everything Beatrush has for my 2016 STi!" While at Kami Speed I took a look around and checked out their shop; it's a really cool place I think you'll enjoy this. So what all did I get? Check out the list below, this is a very comprehensive chassis reinforcement strategy that I think you will find very excellent! Beatrush front strut bar s86024-fta.htm Beatrush rear strut bar 86024-rta.htm Beatrush front frame end brace -p/br.s86024pb-ft.htm Beatrush rear frame end brace p/br.s86024pb-ra.htm Beatrush rear member support brace br.s86024pb-rb.htm Beatrush crossmember support brace br.s86024pb-fa.htm Beatrush rear differential mount bushings -p/br.s76024mtd-rb.htm Beatrush rear member stopper /br.s76024mtd-ss.htm Beatrush pitch stopper 10bc-ac.htm Don't forget to use the coupon code "Boostaholics" and get a discount at! Works for all products except Cobb. Special thanks to Kami Speed: Instagram: @KamiSpeed YouTube:

Tuner Transformation Dodge Neon SRT-4 AGP Turbo
Check out this throwback video featuring Ben from AGP turbo and the goodies that were installed and tuned back in 2004.

700hp 160mph SRT4 Fly By Roll Racing
This DCR Built Automatic SRT4 sounded wicked on the front straight away with its Bullseye turbo!