1984 Chrysler Laser

Commercial of 1984 Chrysler Laser & Laser XE

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love this car as much as i do

1984 chrysler

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Recently we received 3 older clunkers in the junkyard that all supposedly "ran when parked". Well the Maverick has a seized starter. and the Fairlane is missing some vital ignition components, but the Chrysler seemed to be untouched! (who would rob parts from a k car anyway right?) So , we rounded up a hot battery, some old gas, and then gave it a go. Brought the camera out just in time to see the first start up of this car in OVER a decade. The chrysler has been off the road since the mid 90s. while the fairlane hasn't seen a blacktop since the early 80s. The maverick was last inspected and tagged in 87. Here is the video log of the Chrysler. If you are interested in seeing the other cars up close, Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for watching guys!