Day 2 of the 2011 SNORE Rage at the River Class 12/10 race. Daniel Folts behind the wheel of his Seagroves class 12. Cody Reid driver of record and clinched the class 12 championship for 2011 on Saturday. Sunday Daniel was out to set records. RPI racing would like to thank K&N Filters, Dave Folts Transmissions, RPI, R.A.C.E. Products, The Folts Family, The Reid Family, Jimenez race engines, Lucas Oil Products, MSD Ignitions, SignPro's, Louis Chamberland, Juan Garcia, Justin Pulliam, Jenna Jefferies, Mike Rossi, and everyone else that has helped Cody bring home the 2011 class 12 championship

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Shelby Reid starts the 2011 Baja 1000 in 1006. First 9 minutes.

Team Azunia Tequila / Agave Motorsports TrophyLite #6001, KC HiLites Midnight Special 2010 Winners. Jim Riley, Louis Chamberland Drivers, Ray Cummins, Craig Malloy Navigators. General Tire TrophyLite #6001. Azunia Tequila, Compdoor.com, Rick Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Greg Foutz, Intersect Beverage, Lincoln Welders, MasterCract Saftey, Currie Ent, Fast-Aid, Cap's Paint & Body, SignPro's, Lake Elsinore Casino, Triple X Posse, Prep By Shrek, Matt Dowland, TrophyLite Championship Team.

2011 SNORE Rage at the River Check Point 9
A view of some of the action from Check Point 9 during the 2011 SNORE Rage At The River. Subscribe! Aviation Channel - Youtube.com/8081rt