545 ci Ford Falcon XBGT Coupe dyno run.

Dyno shoot run.

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1971 XY Falcon Dyno run - CRZYGT
Managed to get 400 RWHP. Was running out of fuel and leaning out so he backed off - Off to the shop to get a bigger fuel pump and check the lines...

TUF514 XB coupe chassis dyno run 2
TUF514 on the chassis Dyno at Gladstone Dyno. Car made 401 rwhp through C6 and 9".

545 ci Falcon GT @ coupe Anniversary at DECA 2007 Go-to-whoa.
Go-to-whoa at DECA Coupe Anniversary '07.

XB Coupe on the dyno
This is my XB coupe that got Dyno tuned last week. It is a 393 Clevo with 2V AFD heads, still running 2V valves, 950 ultra HP Holley, and is still running a solid flat tappet Comp Cam. It consistantly produced 317 RWKW / 425.1 RWHP and made a higest reading of 320 RWHP / 429 RWHP. It also produced 1126 NM of torque !!! In the end it still did not reached its peak as we were having fuel delivery problems (carb running out of fuel at 6700 RPM) and causing a lean missfire at 6750 RPM, and we had another 500 RPM left. A Comp Cam solid roller and a 1050 dominator is comming up soon with the heads being sent to Trick and Manswetto shortly for porting at the same time. Thanks to DJR Performance in Taree for the great work on tuning the beast. She runs a c4 transmission and 4000 RPM stall and a Detroit Locker diff with 4:11 gears and 35 spline Strange axels, with the calculated loss of power through the powertrain, we GUESS around 600HP at the fly WITH 2V HEADS.