Honda integra type r with b20 vtec

This is my lil beast that's for sale. Just showing how quick the b20 vtec revs out. Unfortunately I could only go to 2nd gear as my mates drive way was too short. But I will get another vid up asap with a proper launch.

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B20-vtec // 0-250kph
0-60mph ~4.5sec Don´t mind the top end power/speed. The catback Exhaust is too small... Will be fixed

2.0 Honda Integra Type-R DC2 0-180 km/h
Honda integra Type-R with resleeved and reworked 2.0 b18c1 block. Stock head, intake,exhuast toyo R1R 220 ps / 212 nm / 1030kg Cars start moving at 9s, enjoy. Speed is in KM/H.

B20 vtec
Just a quick vid doing 40-115mph run in my built B20v on a basic tune putting out 220whp.

Honda Integra Type-R 230hp VS Honda Civic B20 VTEC 0-250 km/h
Tuned Integra Type-R b18c6 226 hp Vs Civic with b18c6 head + B20 VTEC 0-250 km/h