2011 5.0 Mustang GT muffler delete

This is my fiances 2011 5.0 with a muffler delete. idle and some revving. It's also a manual transmission. Yep, she's a badass.

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2011 5.0 Mustang GT muffler and resonator delete
Surprised my fiance with a resonator delete on her 2011 5.0 GT. She previously only had a muffler delete and wanted it louder so I had the guys at SuperTuning in SoCal take care of this for her and had them remove the resonators and add 3" pipping. She took the vid and was very very happy with the results lol. It's also a 6 speed manual tranny. :). Here are some clips of revving, 1st gear drive by, some down shifts, and a regular take off. enjoy!

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2000 mustang gt no mufflers (straight pipe with ca
we take the other side of the muffler out.. i dont have a video on with the other side on but now we took both mufflers out to see if it would sound louder but it sounded great wasnt that much of an increase in sound but it made it sound better and more muscular with both mufflers off.. hard to tell on video but in person it a big difference and a smile on my face. :) FOR THOSE OF YOU THATS DEBATING IF ITS A V6 OR V8... ITS A V8 GUYS.. ITS JUST A V6 BUMPER. WATCH MY OTHER VIDEO AND YOULL SEE THE ENGINE.. https://youtu.be/oTmN85mslxI thanks :)

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