2004 Yamaha R6 Audi headlight with signals

The first mod I did to my Yamaha R6. Audi inspired headlight strips that blink with the turn signals. Simple and came out great!

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2004 Yamaha R6 0-284 km/h

03-05 R6 & 06-09 R6S Changing display settings (shift light)
How to change the settings on the gauge cluster on your YZF R6/R6S motorcycle such as the shift light brightness, timing when it comes on, and the clock. Very annoying when the shift light comes on at 13K per the stock settings and blinds you at night.

How to Ride (Drive) a Motorcycle | 2007 Yamaha R6 600cc Candy Red; stock exhaust
Teaching the girlfriend how to ride a motorcycle on a Yamaha R6. Steps - Read Before Making Complaints on Gear* 1) Start with Brake and Clutch control. These are basic first steps for learning how to operate the machine. 2) Have rider walk the bike around in N, playing with front and rear breaks, to get comfortable with the weight 3) Have them start the bike, shift to first and slowly release the clutch to get moving (no gas yet), let them feel the engagement point 4) Have them practice stopping (pulling clutch in to avoid stalling) 5) Once 3&4 are mastered, let them roll on the gas a tad releasing clutch all the way 6) Once 5 is mastered, have them switch gears to second and practice stopping (pulling clutch in first, and downshifting once at a stop) 7) Practice 1-6 until they kick-ass ;) Thanks for watching! *Don't bother commenting on what she is wearing/not wearing. Just watch to learn, don't wast your time looking stupid. Unfortunately I didn't have a 250cc, otherwise it would have been much easier. I don't recommend learning on a 600cc. I also recommend wearing FULL protective gear when learning, she opted out due to stubbornness and it was a really hot day =). I would not have let her go over 10mph or leave the cul de sac in such attire.

Headlight Mod 2005 R6
New headlight, turn signals, LED's, etc. on 2005 R6. Don't mind the quality, it was taken on an old point-n-shoot camera.