2004 Yamaha R6 Audi headlight with signals

The first mod I did to my Yamaha R6. Audi inspired headlight strips that blink with the turn signals. Simple and came out great!

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2004 Yamaha R6 0-284 km/h

03-05 R6 & 06-09 R6S Changing display settings (shift light)
How to change the settings on the gauge cluster on your YZF R6/R6S motorcycle such as the shift light brightness, timing when it comes on, and the clock. Very annoying when the shift light comes on at 13K per the stock settings and blinds you at night.

Headlight Mod 2005 R6
New headlight, turn signals, LED's, etc. on 2005 R6. Don't mind the quality, it was taken on an old point-n-shoot camera.

Yamaha R6 2003-2005 Bi-xenon projector Mini H1 6.0 installation
http://www.retrofitlab.com Check out our new Facebook group: https://www.fb.com/groups/EuropeanHeadlightFanatics/ Yamaha R6 2003, 2004 and 2005 Bi-xenon projector Mini H1 6.0 installation video. 0:05 First heat the headlight so the sealant gets soft and the lenses can be removed 0:20 The OEM projector assembly is mounted with a ball connector and 2 adjustment screws. Disconnect the ball connector with a screw driver 0:35 Assemble the brackets with the included screws and bolts 1:33 Take the female ball connector from the OEM assembly and mount it on the bracket 1:45 Use the OEM height adjustment nuts on the brackets 2:00 Mount the projector with the screws 3:09 Mount the shrouds using some quality epoxy or glue 3:30 Place back the retrofit assembly like the OEM assembly 3:40 Place the lens back on the housing and heat it again to soften the sealant 3:50 Heat the sealant again and press the lens back on the housing 3:59 Enjoy the result! info@retrofitlab.com 0341-820220 Retrofitlab.com Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands