RENNtech Stage 2+ E55 AMG 1/4 mile drag

04 Mercedes Benz E55 V8 Kompressor AMG RENNtech Stage 2+ 11.7 -1/4 mile.

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Eurocharged stage 3 E55 AMG quest for 10's
RedBullJnky's road to running 10's in a daily driven 4 door sedan, powered by AMG and Eurocharged.

AMG E55 Record (Non-nitrous w/factory blower), 10.50@132.5, 11/30/12
W211 E55 record 1320 non-Nitrous 11/30/12 Thanks to:,,

Eurocharged E55 AMG vs Renntech E63 Biturbo
Runs were done in Mexico. E55 540whp/574wtq E63 621whp/712wtq

W211 E55 AMG - The Ultimate Sleeper [v2]
* For more E55 action go to * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Legendary W211 E55 AMG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AMG have a one mechanic one motor policy so quoted stats are bare minimum and sometimes considerably understated. In addition these beasts are easily modded allowing much greater torque and horsepower. When released in 2003 the stock W211 E55 AMG boasted 469HP and 700nM of torque enabling 100kph in a little over 4 seconds and quarter mile times in the low 12's. Not bad for a 4300 pound 5 seater with plenty of room for 2 peoples luggage and a set of golf clubs in the trunk...