BMW X5 E53 and 10 minutes of fun

Sorry guys - now fixed the ratio settings. They were somehow new....

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BMW X5 e53 vs water
Location: Russia, Krasnodar, GMR (after the rain) Локация: Россия, Краснодар, ГМР (после дождя)

BMW X5 e53 Sport 4.4 - Snow driving
Amazing snow performance with my X5 ... The rubber is Yokohama Parada Spec-X all season - excellent tires!! 20x9 front, 20x11 rear Rohanna RC10 wheels, with 255/50/R20 front, 295/45/R20 on the rear (not the spec, I know, but I wanted more sidewall rubber for comfort). The combo is excellent, very smooth, without any loss of the cornering handling. The first part of the road has been an accident landmark in snow days. The second part is on private roads, when after getting to my community, there are steep hills to conquer . . . for the first time I just breezed through it!

BMW x5 e53 3.0L petrol

test x5
Тест драйв BMW X5 3.0D 2006 г.в. часть 1