Cold start 1988 Ford Bronco 351W

53,000 original miles....351w; Weiand Stealth intake, Edelbrock 600 4bbl, 1in phenolic spacer, MSD cap & rotor, 9mm Ford Racing wires, NGK plugs, Timing Bumped, 180 stat, 2.5in Exhaust w/ Flowmaster 80 series crossflow muffler dumped, C6 trans, 8.8 rear, Dana 44 front, 4:10 gears

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1989 Ford Bronco XLT Straight Pipes 351W
A description of my rig.

BRONCOCLUB - Travesía de la Costa 4x4 (Parte 1)
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1988 Bronco 351 First Start in Two Years
Just an old Ford Bronco that has been parked in the woods behind a friends house that we wanted to see if it would run and move. It has at least three year old fuel in it, the original plug wires and plugs most likely. Plug wires are a little deteriorated and mice have chewed some wiring here and there ( ground wires, ignition switch to solenoid wire, on and on lol. The ticking/tapping sound you hear is the pollution pump (crap pump) which will soon be removed along with the Exhaust. It had brakes, but those were lost in the making of this video as you will see

1991 Ford Bronco 351W
Freshly rebuilt motor at 200k miles. No cats or smog pump. SISO Flowmaster 50 Series. Exhaust is 2 inch from manifolds to Y-pipe and 3" from there through Flowmaster out to tip. This video is for incab audio recoding for