Saturn smashes on a mustang gt's burnout

This littls saturn beat all the cars in a burnout contest hands down! watch to the end, all cars tried their best but it comes down to how you drive!

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600hp Turbo Saturn Takes on GTR Ferrari & More
This Saturn packed a bigger punch then expected at a couple events over the summer. Who would of expected it to beat a GT-R and be this quick.

Saturn vs Mustang
The car ran a 14.21 earlier but did not get video of it

saturn beating a camaro
turbo saturn racing a Camaro

Freightliner Turbo on a Saturn
Saturn 4cyl with a Freightliner turbo we attached to it. This is the kind of things we do when we're bored. Song: Cake - The Distance The music was not made by me. No copyright intended. All aspects of this video belong to their respective owners.