94 Mazda 626 Startup

Has racing springs on it automatic four cyl custom painted interior custom headliner with flame indentions custom airbrushing as well. thanks for lookin.

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mazda 626 vs stl
Anguilla drag racing

Mazda 626 Hybrid - First Start
This is a two part video showing First start of my rebuilt 626 Hybrid V6 engine using a Haltech Sport 2000 & M & W 16B CDI unit. through to base tune time on the Dyno Engine was rebuilt with custom rods, pistons and cams.with a rotrex C30-94 Blower (Current pulley ratio set for 3psi max during base tune)

my mazda 626
My first car my mazda 626

Mazda 626 Cold Start
My little winter car does pretty well. Always starts right up. I put a transmission in it in October, 2,000 miles on it now, and doing well. P.S. Anyone notice my fancy schmancy MX-6 Steering wheel?