383 Startup/Idle/Rev

SINISTER Z28, 12:1 383 LS1, custom cam/heads, FAST 102/102, Moser 9" Pacesetter LT's, TSP true duals with Dynomax bullets.

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In Car Pulls
In Car video of my Z28, have not driven the car in about a month so I went for a little drive.

On The Dyno
383 LS1, no power adders(yet), through a 9" and 28" tires. Lubbock Texas @ Texas Speed & Performance. 116 degree Dyno room temp lol

Spintech Super Pro Street 383 LS1 TSP 1-7/8
383 LS1 TSP 1-7/8 FMS Cam Spintech Super Pro Streets Cam is a Alan Futral Custom Grind 240/252 .620"/.629" 113+4 FAST 102/102 Moser 9" with Spool

383 ls1
383 ls1, forged eagle crank and rods, arias forged pistons, 11:1 compression, 595 598 lift cam, victor Jr intake, quick fuel 830cfm carb, n/x 150 shot, th400/ transbrake, 3800 stall, 10 bolt, 3.73gear