Honda Civic Abuse.avi

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Taliban Taxi Repair
Got the new torsion bar for the taliban taxi.

Re: VW's Abuse Test. My 90' Honda is better.
This is a video Response to the VW's abuse test done by an apparently stupid Salesman... He is either stupid or never seen other cars. I made the video just because this is stupid, and people that encourage him are more stupid... Of course the door wasn't going to fall off... Its a car... Not a Plastic RC Toy. That is ridiculous. Did you really think other cars are made of paper or something? But does your Golf withstand 20 years of Racing? Can you beat 9.000 rpm all day long to it and NEVER have a single God Damn problem? You see.. Honda and every other Japanese manufacturer, made their cars so well, it is hard even to TRY and destroy them... Now... Try making better Gearboxes for your cars... Try making some Electricals work, and please try making that Engine Lights turn of... Honda OWNED you since it has been created... ________________________________________________ Song: Skylar Grey - I'm Coming Home (Arion Dubstep Remix) Link:

Class A Camping
Getting all kinds of campers coming out to the ranch.

Home Sweet Home Pt.1
Well, finally moving the trailer to the back forty.