Cadillac Escalade Esv @ Snow Blizzard 2010

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Chicago Blizzard 2011 | stuck truck
Chicago Blizzard - Feb 2, 2011 - Far North suburbs Before we ventured outside, we watched a neighbor attempt to drive his 4 wheel drive SUV through his unplowed driveway. He only made is about 30 feet before he was stuck on top of a mound of snow under his SUV, and just spinning his wheels. You can see (in the zoomed-in shots) that he was so frustrated that he actually motioned the Bobcat driver to simply PUSH his truck! I wonder how scratched up his front bumper is now from that Bobcat's plow blade?!

Getting unstuck in a 2010 Cadillac Escalade ESV
After huge snowfall of December 2010 taken by IPhone 4

Escalade All-Wheel Drive, actually NOT All-Wheel Drive
GM specifically represents that their all-wheel drive system operates exactly like 4 wheel drive but what they intentionally misrepresent is that their all wheel drive doesn't become active until you reach the speed of 25 MPH which is not going to help you get out of your garage or parking space on a snowy day. I routinely get stuck in 2 inches of snow on a flat pavement.

Escalade makes it out of 18" of snow in NJ
We were not pleased with the service from Best Western Hotel in Pompton NJ and just wanted to get home. This snow is a result of a blizzard the night before.