Chris-Craft 283 HO - First startup

We've just completed rebuilding a 1962 Chris-Craft 283 and Paragon hydraulic transmission for Bruce Dow's Glen-L Monaco. It's a vintage 1962 flywheel-forward, reverse rotation solid lifter Chevy 283. It's rated at 185 BHP at 4000 RPM, 261 ft. lbs. at 3000 RPM. Paul Kane, Chelsea, QC, Canada Building the Glen-L Hot Rod : Videographer : Mr Hot Rod

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Chris Craft 327Q
Chris Craft

Chris-Craft 283 V-8
See and hear this mid-'60s vintage Chris-Craft 283 V-8 185 HP run like a champ!

Chris-Craft 327 June 15, 2012
See and hear the roaring 1967 Chris-Craft 327 V-8 on a June 15, 2012 bench test as we take it through the full rpm range. Low hour/run time engine. The rebuilt 4bbl carb does its job, and the refreshed heads, newly ground valves and reworked electrics all contribute to a high performing power plant. Rebuilt starter, new solenoid, new distributor cap, plugs, points, condenser. Aluminum Exhaust manifold, aluminum front motor mounts, rebuilt fuel and water pumps. Comes with Paragon hydraulic transmission. This motor is an easy drop in replacement for most wooden boats including older boats that have a Chris Craft/Chrysler/Gray Marine straight six or similar and want more power.

Ford 427 FE engines from 42ft Chris Craft Constellation
Fully dressed and running Ford 427 FE engines from a boat which I beached to avoid a sinking, but which still sank far enough on the steep beach to ruin half of the boat. The engines were pickled, which is a crazy thing I learned about along the way. This boat is now being used as a parts boat to get an even older 1969 Chris Craft Sports Cruiser back on the water...but that is an entirely different story to be told another time.