Big truck loses control and sweeps away everything in its path

this was in Mexico

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Worst 1997-2011 Car Crashes from Around the World (Compilation)
MUSIC LINK - ========================================= Why does everyone have a dash camera? Answers and purchase here: Самые зрелищные аварии за Сентябрь 2011 из России.

Video that made the whole world cry
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Dramatic video of pilot surviving crash after plane's wing breaks off mid-air
(Video courtesy: Claudio Tavella) A pilot, who survived after his plane's wings came off, says he'll continue flying. Spectators at an air show in Argentina saw a small plane crash into the ground during a manoeuver. The pilot was strapped into his seat when he pulled his parachute, and the plane was lowered to the ground leaving him with little more than a burnt foot.