Big truck loses control and sweeps away everything in its path

this was in Mexico

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Car Crash Compilation # 24
All crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔FACEBOOK Facebook ✔Watch Dash Cam Videos

Airborne Semi Truck
Amazing dashboard camera video of a semi truck launching itself over an overpass. This happened on Interstate 74 near Greensburg, IN. The driver was okay, so I decided to have a little fun with the footage.

Massive Truck Explosion
A truck driving down the road explodes into a huge cloud of smoke sending a huge shockwave. oh yeah I DONT OWN THIS VIDEO XD

★ WORST Car Crashes from Around the World (Compilation) ★
MUSIC LINK - ========================================= Самые зрелищные аварии за Сентябрь 2011 из России.