1966 AMC Rambler Rogue

See your friendly giant killer AMC dealer for a brand new 1966 Rambler American Rogue. Swiped from archive.org

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1966 Rambler American
TV Ad Of the 1966 Rambler American

Muscle Car Of The Week Video #71: 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler
http://www.musclecaroftheweek.com - The American Motors Corporation was known for building reliable, lower-priced cars targeted towards families and those seeking basic transportation. But when you combine a lightweight economy car with a potent V8, you have the recipe for an outstanding performer. This was the case with the 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler, a car built in conjunction with Hurst Performance to be a drag strip terror and look cool doing it! The SC/Rambler boasted a 315 HP 390 cube V8, a T10 4-speed, 3.54:1 gears, and other performance tricks like a complete lack of options, subframe connectors, rolled fender lips, staggered shocks, and Thrush mufflers. This little Super Car rocked and advertised 14.2 in the quarter @ 100+ mph, all for less than $3000.00. Quite a package.

1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770
2 Door Pilarless, this was intended for personal use as the car is going to be undergoing restoration soon so its good to have some before and after footage. All Rights go to Boston i own nothing and dont intend to, just a great song

1959 AMC Rambler Ambassador Super
I was born in 1959 along with this Classic and it has fared much better than me. Introducing a 1959 AMC Rambler Ambassador Super. Powered buy a "sleeper" 327ci with a BorgWarner automatic push-button transmission, THE MILES ARE ACTUAL AT 39,181. This particular car took over as a speed racer during a time that cars that looked this nice were not supposed to go as fast as this one does. Some of the highlights besides it's lines and good looks are Power Brakes,, newer steering rack and new tires. It does have a couple of minor blemishes in the body (hell...me too) but nothing that can't be addressed. Please come in and see this old-timer and appreciate it's still being around and rarity.