5 minute countdown to worship video for church

Here is our new count down video for Sandals Church in Murrieta. If you like it, feel free to download it and use it for your church. It's a 5 minute count down. It has some clips from Murrieta and other Southern California areas, but it's hard to tell, so it's not exactly location specific for you non-california people. : )

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The Countdown Video
Life Church count down sample... man am I tired of hearing this song.

The God of Angel Armies (sang by 4 yr old - Nolan)
Nolan sings his favorite song "the God of Angel Armies"

Turbonetics Turbochargers Facility Tour
Check out the facility at turbonetics where they build some of the best, high performance turbochargers in the world. turbonetics builds turbo systems for both performance aftermarket automotive applications and industrial applications including military, power generation, and transportation.

Encore - Twin duet: God of Angel Armies
I had to bribe them with money to get them to sing. This is take #9.