FRAM Boost™ 'Sounds Like' Ad

400 lucky people won a FRAM Boost™ Air Intake System. 13 finalists had a film crew shoot them putting in their systems. Our system. Their words.

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FRAM Extra Guard Spin-On Oil Filter Hell Test
Testing Extra Guard Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM The moving parts in your engine are cushioned by a very thin film of oil between the moving parts and bearings. If dirt gets in between these components, you may end up with expensive engine damage. A FRAM Extra Guard filter will protect your engine for up to 5000 miles. More FRAM filters - More oil filters at -

Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Filter
GaragePros gives a friendly reminder about maintaining interior comfort by featuring Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Filter.

this is a wix oil filter vs fram oil filter comparison. although there is no comparison here it is anyway

What is inside a - Fram Xtended Guard XG8A Oil Filter
An autopsy of a Fram Xtended Guard XG8A oil filter. Please note that MLM "dealers" promoting their products here will be banned/blocked. Vulgar comments will be removed.