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400 lucky people won a FRAM Boost™ Air Intake System. 13 finalists had a film crew shoot them putting in their systems. Our system. Their words.

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The FRAM® Clog Test
At the FRAM® Proving Grounds, oil and air filters are pushed to the limit, to help ensure performance and durability. The Clog Test is where air filters are stressed at extreme levels. FRAM® filters are tested for two things: efficiency and capacity. An engine can ingest as much as 14,000 gallons of air for every one gallon of fuel burned. The air filter is an extremely important part of protecting a vehicle. It's probably more overlooked than an oil change. The worst-case condition for a vehicle's air filter is driving down a dusty road behind somebody who is just kicking up dust. The amount of dust that can get into your intake system is amazing. Inside the FRAM® Air Filter Lab, filters must prove not only that they can survive but that they can perform under stress. The purpose of this test is to measure how well a filter performs at removing dust. The test simulates dust going into the air filter, and then how effectively it can capture that dust, and how long the filter will last. For this test, a hopper is filled with fine test dust or medium test dust, put into a tube, and aspirated upstream of the filter while air is sucked through at the same flow rates that an engine would see. Downstream of the filter, a thick fiberglass mat catches all dust that gets through the filter. At the end of the test, the absolute filter is taken downstream and weighed to determine the amount of dust that got through the filter. If 100 grams is put in and one gram got through, you're 99% efficient. That means, in the war against dust and dirt in your engine, FRAM® passes yet another test. See more of the FRAM® Proving Grounds at FRAM®. Don't fail your engine.

FRAM Air Filter Installation
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Fram Air Filter
Jamestown Distributors TV: Fram Air Filter. This video on how to replace a Fram Air Filter. To learn more, go to our blog at Visit for all your project needs.

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