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Honda VF500 Interceptor

My bike. Vance & Hines Exhaust. A few passes and take offs demonstrating my suspected clutch slip.


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Ride to work on my 1986 Honda VF500
Typical day commuting to work on my 1986 Honda VF-500. Recorded with GoPro Hero2

1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor After- Part 3
CA model.

VF500F Cold Start
Starting up the VF500F when the bike is completely cold. You will see that my hand makes full contact with the engine block to demonstrate the engine really is cold mbw70.online@gmail.com

vf500f Interceptor, Mac exhaust, homemade baffles
My 85 500 Interceptor, finally made it sound better by making some homemade in-pipe baffles. Better sound, more back pressure so it'll run better, I am very happy :-) Listen to the one before the baffles to see the difference!

Honda VF500F - engine sound after partial rebuild
Short video of my "new" Honda VF500F. This is '84 model. Carburetors were totally messed up, cooling system was out of function, spark plugs and spark cables were ready for change, air filter was missing, gas tank was leaking etc, etc... After rebuilding carburetors and fixing other important issues, it eventually fired up. So - this is "hot" start after short 10 min ride. There are still things that should be done... Carburetors must be fine tuned and synchronized, I have to check and probably adjust clearance on all valves, cam chain tension should be checked etc. Huh...

'85 VF500F Problem
My 1985 Honda VF500F Interceptor, worked fine yesterday, now it's making a bizarre clicking/clacking noise. Choke doesn't behave correctly (can kill engine if applied too fast and will actually reduce RPM at times)

1985 Honda VF500F
This motorcycle is for sale in Syracuse, NY. 8,074 miles on it, rides and runs great. Can be registered as an antique in NY. UPDATE: SOLD FOR $1,350

Honda VFR 800 LeoVince Exhaust
Honda VFR 800 LeoVince. Om te laten zien en horen wat de verschillen zijn!

1986 Honda vf500 Interceptor
A quick clip of my sweet 1986 Honda interceptor. Nothing like the sound of a 90 degree v-4! The bike that started it all...imho

85 VF500f Honda Interceptor Cornering Practice
I was playing around some corners on my 1985 Honda VF500f Interceptor. This is where I practice my cornering tech and skills.....I still need practice. lol Sorry about the wind noise and the camera position. I need a better set up.

1986 VFR750f Interceptor
This is my 86 Interceptor after taking the carbs off, cleaning them, replacing the carb boots and installing new plugs. Still needs a carb sync and is running a bit lean in this video (hence the knocking that I'm all worried about) but it's 10 x's better than it was when I 1st brought her home. She spent the last 2 years parked and covered in a garage after not being ridding very often for 3 years (last tagged in '05). The gas was lacquered and the carbs were pretty dingy. All clean and soon to be tagged for daily use to and from school! :)

1986 Honda Interceptor 0-60
I just bought this bike for my brother, its a great starter bike with plenty of power but not too much that a beginner cant handle. I made this video because there are no good videos of the interceptor on here. And no videos showing the performance. So a quick 0-60 and 0-85

SOUND OF MY VF500FII without db killer

Honda VF500F
A quick video of my VF500F with yoshimura pipes.

Phlebmasters 86 VFR 750 Evolution- Finished
This project is finished. I have traded for a 1984 Porsche 944....please subscribe to see what I do with that! 1986 Honda VFR 750. I traded an 85 VF500f for this bike back in December 2012. This project took about 5 months to complete and started as a basket case!

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