Nissan Patrol turbo Dubai

Patrol in Dubai with a T51R SPL

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1400 Horsepower Nissan Patrol in Dubai!
I get a ride in an insane 1400 hp Nissan Patrol. Not quite sure what else to say other than fucking lols. The owner would also like to note that this was on LOW Boost. Instagram: Facebook: Flickr:

nissan patrol 4x4 race night.flv
Miracles of science befor 1400 yers

Suicide Desert Turbos - UAE CARS
Al Bdayer Toyota Landcruiser,Nissan Petrol, Mercedes G55 AMG,Hummer H2..... 1000's of horsepower desert action. And yeah we Arab waste oil and gas for fun.

SLEEPER Nissan Patrol in Qatar - 800hp!
A quick glance and you don’t think anything of this innocent Nissan Patrol, but once you pop the hood…it’s an entirely different story! Equipped with a Nissan TB48 motor with a GT48 turbo strapped on board, this thing moves OUT! Making right around 800hp, this Patrol is built to smash on Lamborghinis before they know what hit them! The guys over at Al Anabi Performance built one hell of a machine, and we experienced it first hand! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ►