2005 Chevy SSR doing it's thing

I demonstrate why Chevy SSR's are cool.

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Jeremy Formato tuning my 2005 SSR
Jeremy Formato of fasterPROMS.COM is shown here in a ride along while tuning my 2005 SSR 6 speed during the SSR Savannah Rally in Pooler, Ga. April 8, 2016 What a remarkeable difference. Watch when we turn around and Jeremy goes through the gears. You will notice quite a jump and response that was invigorating to say the least. Cooling of the engine is now stable at 190 Deg.with at least 30 to 40 more horsepower!

1676 ATL 2006 Chevy SSR

ESX Showtruck Chevrolet SSR
ESX Showtruck Chevrolet SSR auf der Amicom 2012 in Leipzig

Chevrolet SSR Driving Experience - Onboard video - The Ultimate Drive
This video: Get in, top down, rev the engine, and go for a kick ass drive in a Chevy SSR. I spent a nice afternoon driving the very rare six-speed manual Chevrolet SSR through some twisty Michigan backroads. Lots of engine noise, V8 power and top down fun, all with excellent audio recording and DrivingExperienceTV's first-person camera angle. For the best driving experience, wear a set of quality headphones. Both in-ear or over-ear will work fine. Don't forget to wear headphones. Seriously, I mean it, you'll thank me ;) Want to see more POV Driving Experience videos? Please subscribe and tell us what you'd like to see next.