Cobra vs Grand National

96 Cobra bolt ons, Exhaust and gears vs 87 Grand National stock turbo at 19psi on E85.

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Supra vs GrandNational

Buick Grand National vs. ZL1 Camaro, Track Warning
Ran a 12.7@ 66 mph after given warning. So, I Practiced my launch. My best 60' time 1.6 Red lighted seeing how much Boost brakes would hold on the line 11.2 psi. ZL1 ran 13.3 @ 100.42 mph

Grand national street encounter with a hellcat challenger
A roll race against a hellcat challenger in my 86 gn Street car-stock block, crank, rods, ported stock intake and heads. TA-66 turbo, stock location precision Intercooler, classic F.A.S.T., razor's alky. DLS hydraulic roller cam. He got to my door, couldn't get any more, and backed off.

Passed by a Turbo Buick like I'm going in the opposite direction.
Gary Smith 2002 Camaro 347 Sears Point 29-Oct-2010 N/A 11.58 Sec @ 120 MPH Other Lane: Beautiful 1986 turbo Buick 9.2 Sec @ 150 MPH