Paul Lexus

have another look at the lexus when it arrived.

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mirror cover removing.
this is a way how to remove mirror cover in Altezza/lexus is 200. whan removing cover be careful do it easy and slowly

Lexus is 200 Cruisin
Destination in Bern Switzerland I love this car is very sporty and a funny car Eine kleine Spritzfahrt mit meinem Lexus is 200 durch Bern (CH)

Lexus IS200 Throttle Body Explination
Why is my IS200 1G-FE so slow? the specs look ok on paper, you can feel as if it's holding back off the line, but once it is moving the performance feels normal or at least what i would expect for 160hp. this is a version toyota's ETCSi that uses one throttle blade, a throttle cable and 2 TPS.

lexus is 200 cam belt installation / idle and tensioner pullys
cam belt change on a lexus 2,0 gasoline model 2000 tensioner pully idle pully