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Ultimate Factories: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars - Part II

Rolls Royce History Car Documentary
Rolls Royce history documentary

10 Things YOU DIDN’T KNOW About Rolls-Royce!
Things you never knew about Rolls Royce cars! Amazing facts about these expensive luxury cars for celebrities and the rich #10. “Celebrity Owners”- Rolls Royces are one of the most luxurious cars on the market so it’s not a surprise that they are a favorite among the rich and famous. From athletes like Tom Brady and Floyd Mayweather (who owns 6 all-white Rolls-Royces of all different styles) to music-moguls Beyonce and Jay-Z, celebrities can’t get enough of these sleek and powerful automobiles. David Beckham once owned a Phantom Drophead, all black even down to famed Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. Beckham’s car was designed to resemble a yacht with a special wood decking customized in the body. Mariah Carey once rolled up to a perfume launch party in a white Phantom that had her likenesses emblazoned all over it. The most famous of all celebrity Rolls-Royces would have to be that of the late great John Lennon. In 1967, The Beatle notoriously had his Rolls-Royce Phantom V painted yellow with psychedelic floral patterns in order to promote the upcoming album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The car also sported such upgrades as a refrigerator, television, a bed in the back and a custom sound system with record player. #9. “Origins”- In 1904, Car-Dealer Charles Rolls and engineer Henry Royce teamed up to create what would go on to be one of the most innovative and iconic car companies. When they first started building their cars most automobiles were extremely unreliable and had a tough time traveling long distances but all that changed when they unveiled the Silver Ghost in 1907. The Silver Ghost shattered all previous records by traveling 24,000 kilometers (or 14,900 miles) non-stop . In the early days of the company, Rolls and Royce loved to show off the power of their new design and frequently entered their cars into races and cross country rallies. In 1913 they started the Rolls-Royce Alpenfahrt, which was a race through the Alps covering almost twenty different passes! This treacherous test of nature versus machine still goes on today and anyone can enter, anyone with an old Rolls-Royce laying around that is, because they recommend owners not using new-models due to the extreme terrain. #8. “Spirit of Ecstasy”-In addition to being on the forefront of engine design Rolls-Royces are known for their elegant appearance, one such defining feature is the majestic hood ornament known as The Spirit of Ecstasy, but few people know the story of love and infidelity behind it. As the tale goes, a wealthy businessman wanted to bring his mistress, a woman named Eleanor Thornton, everywhere he went. So, he hired a sculptor to craft an ornament in her likeness. The result was the iconic diving angel. In some of the original versions Eleanor holds her fingers to her pursed lips as if make sure their secret affair was kept that way.

Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Plant [CAR FACTORY]
Rolls-Royce traditionally stands for precision and quality. Assembly line, transmission being attached to engine, marriage of engine and body, attaching the mother of pearl strips, employees polishing the wooden surfaces, pre-cut leather sections being stitched together, outlines of the parts being projected onto the leather, leather surfaces being checked by employees, drilling the holes for the glas fibre optic cables, threading the fibre optic cables into the drilled holes, gluing the fibre optic cables into place, cutting the fibre optic cables, installing the dashboard, door assembly, quality control, close-up of radiator figure “Spirit of Ecstasy”, functional test of starlight headliner, interior equipment of the Rolls-Royce is being checked, and employee conducting the final vehicle check. If you love cars you should subscribe now to official YouCar's channel: Go! It's free! All the Best