Ferrari 360 Modena no Arrancadão de Floripa

Vídeo extraído do DVD Arrancadão Floripa 2005. Ferrari 360 Modena passeando pelas pistas do Arrancadão de Floripa. O motorista fez várias tentativas até conseguir rodar a criança. Ferrari 360 Modena in Floripa City / Brazil. The driver to tried many times for burnout the car.

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Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 Yesterday I had the opportunity of shooting this Ferrari F430 Spider doing some insane donuts and drifting! He started with a brand new set of tires and burned all the rubber off. The owner of the car used to drive rally cars in Europe and is a huge fan of Ken Block and everything Ken Block does for the rally sport community in the United States. The Ferrari sounds absolutely insane while shredding tires. This isn't the first time the owner has gone drifting in it because he shows great car control. Also to let everyone know I am doing the Bullrun rally this week in a Lamborghini LP640 so hopefully I will have a lot more videos coming soon!

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