Near Motorbike Miss into a Wall Caused by a Big Rock!

Dreadful Start To a New Year of Riding

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Woman reversing into me at a petrol station
Get 10% off motorcycle Decals at with the coupon code BIKEPIKE10 Edit* After watching it back a few times I thought "If she's queuing for a pump, then it's more than likely someone will be queuing behind her." so yeah I'm convinced it's her fault now. Just one of those things with a share in the fault. I thought she and the person infront of her were queuing for the air compressor so waited in line, turned out she was waiting for a fuel pump and didn't fancy waiting for one infront so decided to reverse back, still she didn't look. But you wouldn't really expect anyone to be behind you there.

[SAD] High speed fatal motorbike crash (Straight to wall) - Isle Of Man 2014 (Slow motion)
Bob Price, from Stroud, Gloucestershire, died in a crash at Ballaugh on the third lap of the 37.5 mile (60 km) Mountain course. He had some trouble before the bridge and there wasn't enough time to maintain the correct direction. High speed motorcyclist smashes himself straight to wall. Read More:

Funniest MotorCycle Crashes Ever (Idiots On Wheels)
i just found some videos of idiots on wheels, i just had to put the hilarious ones together in ont video.

Ducati Monster Motorcycle Crash - May 13, 2012
Ducati hits guardrail, amazingly the bike was OK. just a scratch or two. The rider was also ok with what appeared to be just a sprained ankle.