Near Motorbike Miss into a Wall Caused by a Big Rock!

Dreadful Start To a New Year of Riding

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Motorcycle Random Clippage #22 Featuring Filtering Fun and Near Miss
More clips from my everyday riding. This video includes: * some filtering fun * bicycles * being nice * you can't please some people * red light jumper and car near miss

Avoidence of a Head on Collision
Uploaded so the rider can see it, Lucky he's a skilled rider. (As in, control of the bike, I'm not saying road skilles. else he wouldn't have swerved or braked in time, and would have gone into the windscreen.) Brightness was way too high, sorry for that. Slow motion and zoom was a little dodgy, appoligies for that too.

Near Miss
Near Miss

Motorbike near miss (idiot bmw driver)
Woman in a BMW turns across my lane without looking, she had no idea i was there. She didnt even realise what she had done wrong she just looked at me like i was mental. People like her are a hazard on the road. To make it worse shes turning into a motorbike dealership! Bitch.