Near Motorbike Miss into a Wall Caused by a Big Rock!

Dreadful Start To a New Year of Riding

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Motorcycle Random Clippage #22 Featuring Filtering Fun and Near Miss
More clips from my everyday riding. This video includes: * some filtering fun * bicycles * being nice * you can't please some people * red light jumper and car near miss

Webber (F1) Stoner (MotoGP) Whincup (V8) Top Gear Festival Sydney
Mark Webber in a F1 car races Casey Stoner on a Motorbike and Jamie Whincup in a V8 Supercar at the Top Gear Festival in Sydney

CBR125 near miss collision West London
Lady pulled out infront of my mate on the wr125, I decided to carry on since she was going quite slow and ended up with an extremely close hit. The adrenaline was instant.

One very near miss - Life Flash moment...
Ive had near misses before, but its true, you really do see your life flash before your eyes. Think Bike and Ride Safe.