Maybach 62 S 2011 Interior And On The Road

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2016 Bugatti Royale INTERIOR 5-door Fastback Bugatti Veyron? Bugatti Sedan Commercial CARJAM TV HD
Bugatti Royale INTERIOR the $1 Million W16 200+MPH FIVE Door Bugatti Sedan that they said they would never build - Bugatti Veyron replacement? Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV CARJAM TV - Subscribe Here Now Like Us Now On Facebook: For The World's Best Car Videos Website: Tumblr: The Bugatti 16C Galibier is a luxury 5-door fastback concept. Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. debuted the Bugatti 16C Galibier at an invitation-only show held at the Bugatti Factory, Molsheim, France assembly salon on September 12, 2009. The Bugatti 16C Galibier uses a front-mounted, 8.0 L twin-supercharged Bugatti W16 engine that delivers power via permanent four-wheel drive. A production version of the Bugatti 16C Galibier concept, expected to be named the Bugatti Royale is scheduled to reach the market in 2015. The Bugatti 16C Galibier name is a reference to the Bugatti Type 57 Galibier. Bugatti traditionally gave Bugatti Type 57 variants names that referred to mountain passes. Bugatti Galibier refers to France's Col du Galibier.[1] The "16C" refers to the Bugatti engine's 16 cylinders. The Bugatti 16C Galibier features a hood which opens in two parts along a central hinge. The 16C Galibier features the longitudinal rib also seen on the previous Bugatti EB118 and Bugatti EB218 concepts that references the longitudinal body seam of the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. debuted the Bugatti 16C Galibier 5-door fastback concept at an invitation-only show held at the Molsheim, France assembly salon on September 12, 2009.[2][4] The Bugatti 16C Galibier was first shown to the general public at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. The Bugatti Royale uses a front-mounted, 8.0 L twin-supercharged Bugatti W16 engine that delivers power via permanent four-wheel drive. The engine is similar to the quad-turbocharged unit used in the Bugatti Veyron. A production version of the 16C Galibier concept, expected to be named the Bugatti Royale was originally scheduled to reach the market in 2013. Bugatti pushed the release date out to 2015 or later to refine the vehicle's design. Bugatti was expected to produce 3000 units of the Bugatti Royale compared to 300 of the Bugatti Veyron. It was also expected to cost more than Bugatti Royale pricw£1 million.[9] In an interview with Top Gear, President of Bugatti Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber said that Bugatti will never manufacture Bugatti Royale nor Bugatti SuperVeyron because it will confuse their customers. Youtube:

Maybach 62 Test Drive (And Ride!) with Chris Moran An in-depth review of the 2005 Maybach 62 with Chris Moran Maybach was one of the world's most exquisite nameplates in the 1920s and '30s. The original company was founded by Karl Maybach — the son of Wilhelm Maybach, who developed the first Mercedes. Some people were surprised when Maybachs returned in the form of two closely related, all-new ultraluxury sedans. Each posh sedan is filled with nearly every sort of comfort and convenience feature offered in a motorcar. Ostensibly a product of DaimlerChrysler, Mercedes-Benz's parent company, the modern-day Maybach is actually considered a make of its own. Maybachs come in two sizes: the regular Type 57 and the extended-length Type 62. Each model designation indicates the car's length in meters: 5.73 for the Type 57 and 6.17 for the Type 62. Special features include electronic braking and an Airmatic Dual Control air suspension. A rearview parking-assist camera is available in the 2005 model. Standard equipment now includes Robbe & Berking beverage flutes and a handcrafted Dunhill Collection umbrella. Standard Sirius Satellite Radio includes a lifetime subscription. Only one or two Maybachs per day are built at a state-of-the-art facility in Germany. Mercedes-Benz dealers must sign separate agreements to sell them. Exterior According to the manufacturer, Maybach styling balances classic and avant-garde features. The doors, hood and fenders are made of aluminum. Maybach says a primary goal was to deliver an "entirely new definition of first class." Twelve body colors are available, and two-tone paint schemes may be specified. Bi-xenon headlights are standard. The regular-size Type 57 is 225.3 inches long overall, uses a 133.5-inch wheelbase and rides on 19-inch tires. A standard power-closing feature pulls the door shut from the first detent position. Interior As many as 100 items inside the Maybach are trimmed with exotic woods. Buyers can mix options with the immense standard-equipment list in numerous combinations. Available accessories include a luggage set, a sterling silver champagne goblet, a humidor, a golf bag and a fluffy travel rug. Buyers may choose from six Grand Nappa leather colors and three types of wood. All four standard seats are heated, and active seat ventilation is available. Occupants can luxuriate in reclining rear seats. A television with a 9.5-inch TFT flat screen includes a DVD player. Interior features also include four-zone climate control with two air-conditioning units, a refrigerated compartment, a cordless phone with two handsets and a 21-speaker Bose Dolby sound system. Each sedan also has the Tele Aid emergency communication system and the Comand integrated control system, which are available for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Under the Hood Breathing with the assistance of twin turbochargers, the 5.5-liter V-12 produces 550 horsepower and 663 pounds-feet of torque. It teams with a five-speed-automatic transmission. Maybach claims the Type 57 can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. Safety Ten airbags, including two adaptive front airbags, four side-impact airbags, and front and rear side curtain-type airbags, are installed.

Maybach Exelero $8Million
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Officially new Maybach 62 2011
Officially new Maybach 62 2011