MRC B7 RS4 at Nurburgring

MRCs B7 RS4 at the Nurburgring

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MRC Tuning Audi S5 Supercharged on Dyno
Audi S5, 9 psi PES Supercharger, Custom Tuned by MRC Tuning, Full Milltek

Audi RS4 B7 Nürburgring 8,25
One of my friends in a Audi RS4 with Michelin cup tyres on Nürburgring. Lap time 8,25 personal record

Nürburgring Nordscheleife - Audi RS4 B7 - 8.42 BTG with crash zone and trafic
8mn42s in an bashed Audi RS4 B7 (400hp-, 143.000kms no cylinder cleaning), with 2 heavyweights and a lightweight inside (280kgs~).

Audi MRC RS4 StoryBook @ the Nurburgring
Matthew Young reads us a little story... the story of the Audi RS4 as documented in the official owners manual. A ridiculous combination of overly descriptive and emotive words to try and get you excited that you just bought the car! Well, to liven things up a little we took Matthew on a hot lap of the world famous Nurburgring circuit in Germany in Tim Greening's MRC Tuned Audi RS4 whilst he 'attempts' to the read the story.