MODIFYING GARAGE SIFNEOS TAKEGAWA 148cc ENGINE 4V DRY CLUTCH FCR 28 JAPANESE TUNING PARTS SPECIALIST MODIFYING GARAGE japan special parts ! takegawa spa !! 日本スペシャルは分ける MODIFYING GARAGE 変更のガレージギリシャ stelnoume antalaktika se opio meros tis eladas vriskeste TAKEGAWA, OVER. KITACO, takegawa special parts SPA

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Honda InNova - 65.5mm
Honda Innova 65.5mm Moires (-:

takegawa bore&stroke 57mm, 57mm

Takegawa Honda C70 Passport Update
Roller is for sale. Want anything on this bike? Send me a message!!! Honda C70 Passport with Takegawa 5 disk manual super clutch, Kitaco 124SE, OEM Honda 4-speed, Keihin PWK28 carburetor, WirusWin Exhaust (punched out). This project is finished. No more upgrades intended, save for the occasional dress up part. Top speed is around 70-75mph depending on wind direction. Leaks no oil and runs very crisp. Only problem I've noticed is that the inner clutch cable has a tendency to fray after about 6-8 months of heavy usage. Easy replacement. For sale???

Full Takegawa 124 cc - Dry Clutch
5 speed Touring + NT hydraulic dry clutch + A1 Superhead + VM26