CRAZY Lamborghini Aventador - FLAMES, TUNNEL NOISE and Cruising

Mental Yellow Aventador. Tunnel Revs and Acceleration with FLAMES! Cruising with doors up, and being closed purely by acceleration! Please subscribe for more and let me know what you think! Apologies for the sneezing and occasional microphone cut-outs.

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DoctaM3's Aventador LOUD Accelerations in Tunnel & Loud Ariel Atom
On our way to and from Supercars on State Street this past summer, we had the opportunity to go through 3 separate tunnels 2 times! It made for some awesome video opportunities to hear DoctaM3's Aventador and @Porschekid's Ariel Atom ripping it through the tunnels! At this time, my car was nearly bone stock so it did not have an Exhaust at the time. Facebook: Flickr: Thanks for watching! - Justin

Lamborghini Aventador Launch Control in a Tunnel: OMG!!!!!
Well, ever seen Launch Control in an Aventador in a TUNNEL? Well, here you go. OMG, the sounds was insane. Turn up your volume, enjoy and SHARE. Thanks to @R8Pro for the footage. Gonna be awesome! Be sure to follow #teamdonut on our #fuelrun for charity. Also, be sure to FOLLOW: @JerkyXP (XPlode your tastebuds) & @FazeFakie ( Wait till you see what we have in store. Follow for updated posts on INSTAGRAM: DoctaM3 Facebook: FLICKR: SUBSCRIBE:

DUAL FLAMETHROWER - Epic Aventador Rev Battle
Oh. My. God. One Aventador firing out flames is cool, but two is just EPIC! Two of Lamborghini's V12 beasts were in London together visiting Harrods when they decided to create a lot of drama upon their exits. Here's the action as they hit the streets in one of the most immense rev battles I've ever heard, with bonus fire, and more fire, and a bit more...! The cars themselves are Aventadors from exotic rentals. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: ------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: Twitter: Website: Camera: Sony CX700

Following a Lamborghini Convoy, Tunnel Blast, FLAMES and Extreme Sounds!
ALEX GAMES films a journey of following 15+ Lamborghinis convoy to changi, with a tunnel blast and FLAMES!