Honda Civic Turbo vs Tuned 911turbo

Rolling start from 50km/h Note: The Civic is geard for 1/4 mile race

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How To Turbocharge A Truck
Here is how to turbocharge a truck using an amazing turbo whistle kit. turbocharging your truck is easy with the turbo Exhaust whistle. Just put it in the end of the Exhaust pipe and you will have a turbocharged truck.

ESS 335i MT Stage 2 vs Autotech S40 T4 MT
Engine oil temp on the 335i was around 120 degrees. (Full Performance Areo kit) Rolling start at 60km/h The second race had no cooldown in between. Rolling start from 50km/h

Honda Civic Turbo vs BMW 2002 turbo
1/8 mile Race

Ferrari 430 Scuderia VS.Porsche 997 Turbo SMR tuned.
Instagram: alexandersson01 1080p: 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia VS. 2008 Porsche 997 turbo SMR Tuned ~580hp (Exhaust and ECU) Rolling start from 50km/h / 30mp/h. Please like and subscribe to my car channel.