s2000 vs neon srt-4

s2000 turbo vs neon srt-4 turbo.

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Dodge neon srt4 vs Honda S2000 1/4 de milla

STREET RACING Dodge Hellcat vs the WORLD how would your race car hang?
Fattcat the infamous Dodge Hellcat that killed the Z06 now has over 1500 miles from racing alone on it. We have probably raced almost anything you imagine from a Cobalt to Viper. Check it out and see what your car would do against the Hellcat??

Neon SRT-4 vs Supra
840whp Supra vs Stage 2 Dodge SRT-4

S2000 vs. 2 SRT-4s and GTO
S2000 with bolts ons and 80 shot vs. SRT-4 w/ Bolt ons vs. SRT-4 (mods unknown) vs. GTO 6.0 w/ Drop-in filter