1993 Honda Civic SOHC Turbo Highlight

a highlight video i made back in 2004 of my SOHC VTEC turbo Civic.

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Turbo SOHC
My build up

S2000 J's Racing 60RS WOT
a short clip of my 2005 Honda S2000 with a J's Racing 60RS Ti Exhaust at WOT.

1993 Honda Civic SOHC Turbo 1/4 mile passes
my 1993 Honda Civic EX Coupe doing a couple 1/4 mile passes, back in the day. Car is no longer turbo'd. Setup was a stock SOHC VTEC motor with a Garrett T3 Super 60 turbo, tuned using Hondata S200B. 195whp/164wtq

Honda civic vtec turbo SOHC!! Puerto Rico!!!