Mercedes-Benz S600 - V12 Biturbo - Runway Run

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E63 AMG vs M5 A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!
Portland OR. Saturday Youth conference day at Emanuel Church.

S 65 AMG V12 Biturbo race with tuned C63 AMG on German Autobahn
Race with a S 65 AMG V12 Biturbo with 630 HP and an C63 AMG with tuned 530 HP on the German Autobahn

S600 0-318 km/h Mercedes W220 V12 biturbo acceleration
This was the first run of the day and I had not yet worked out the use of the camera. Also the car was not yet on form and there was too much wheel spin. I really had high hopes for the next runs. As it turned out, the next runs would all be interrupted by traffic. Even in this clip I had to brake early when slow cars appeared at the horizon. God knows what the top speed would have been. I did not know how fast I was as until I saw the video - I needed all my wits to steer the car.

Mercedes S600 W221 V12 biturbo 517hp
Mercedes S600 W221 V12 biturbo 517hp