Mercedes-Benz S600 - V12 Biturbo - Runway Run

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Mercedes S600 Long V12

800hp Brabus T65 S | 2X Start Up and Sound !
In front of the Geroge V hotel in Paris, I filmed this very nice Brabus prepared Mercedes S Class, it's called the T65 S. It's based on a S600 V12. The V12 Bi-turbo makes now 800hp and does the 0-60mph under 4 seconds ! I like the sound it makes a lot, it's very low and deep... Enjoy !

S 65 AMG V12 Biturbo race with tuned C63 AMG on German Autobahn
Race with a S 65 AMG V12 Biturbo with 630 HP and an C63 AMG with tuned 530 HP on the German Autobahn

W220 W 220 S600L S 600 0-250 km/h Geldern Herrmann-Automobil
S600 L A57 Geldern o bis 250 Km/h