Peteformance's Evo "Godzilla" @ 1st Drag Day 2012 (Teaser)

Petefromance's Evo "Godzilla" @ 1st Drag Day 2012 Stay tuned for the full review Music: Panik - Revolution Adrenaline Rush ( Follow us on Facebook:

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Mitsubishi Evo "Godzilla" by Peteformance - Let's Play a Game
A video about Peteformance's Mitsubishi Evo a.k.a "Godzilla".Pete Parthenis is the owner of Peteformance Tuning Store and "Godzilla" and the official time attack driver of Adrenaline Rush Racing Team.Pete achieved the 1st place of GTCC 2012 at S1 category.Thank you Pete for making us proud and bringing our team on the top. "Godzilla" sponsors: Peteformane Karagiannis Exhausts Agotis Color William's Transport Adre paint works turbosmart by S.R.P Adrenaline Rush Music: Jim Johnston - Ministry of Darkness Nickelback - Hero Sherlock Holmes (A Game of Shadows OST) - Woods Chase Rodes - Kioumprik Adrenaline Rush ( Follow us on Facebook:

NICKNAME GODZILLA ...BREATHING FIRE ... TEST RIDE IN THE NIGHT WITH turbo HKS T04Z 2.4 STROKER THE CAR IS TIME ATTACK MACHINE DRIVING ON THE ROAD FOR NIGHT RUN AND TO TEST OUT turboKIT HKS TWIN SCROLL ... for more info photos and news bout our shop check our official page in facebook here 12948194871?ref=hl or you can visit our website here music by american horor intro and limp bizkit gold cobra remix ***I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHT OF THE SONGS***

2nd Patras Motor Show
2nd Patras Motor Show (1-2 Sept. 2012 @ Ag.Nikolaos) Music: DJ Dureagon- Bobbin White Hinterland - Icarus Adrenaline Rush ( Follow us on Facebook:

Peteformance Mitshubishi Evo IX ''Godzilla''