Elliot breaks in the new 335 tires!!! - Burnout + Antilag - 300ZX TT

Elliot's 300ZX TT with 335/35/17 tires after getting an alignment

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Mike Myke Twin Turbo 300zx "1080HD"
Finally got my twin turbo z32 back up and running. Just rolling around the city enjoying my z :-) please check out the rest of the team on IG @Dark_Aura_drifting for more footage, pics and builds. We have a few dope cars in the crew and we would love for you to check it out. driver of the z32 IG is @mike_myke The crew IG @Dark_Aura_drifting

Elliot's Built 300ZX TT getting tuned at Sound Performance
Going from 12psi to 24psi maxing out the internal actuators. 30+ psi pulls to follow!! GT2871R twin turbos, Mike Smith Exhaust manifolds, SP 6" FMIC, Dual 3" Straight pipe Exhaust, Built longblock, AEM EMS Standalone

300zx TT
849 HP 588 Tq 1990 300ZX TT

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