Motor V12 TDI de 500 CV

Imágenes y soluciones técnicas del diésel V12 más potente fabricado en serie.

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Ferrari V12 Engine
Ferrari V12 Engine Assembly. From start to finish, one technician is responsible for the assembly........ For more automotive news: Follow us on Facebook:

V12 Detriot Diesel 525HP
Setting the engine up and breaking it in.Remember this engine is just being started after a rebuild so that's why it's smoking from the assembly lube and the rack will be set-up to stop the hunting etc etc. Then the oil is changed and the engine painted. These engine's go into Euclid mining rock trucks,and they were in many other equipment/vehicles.The engine has rebuild heads,turbo's, blower, water pump,all internal parts and the air compressor All done in the great north of Canada

AUDI 2008 6.0l V12 TDI MOTOR

El ciclo diésel (cuatro tiempos)
Explicación del funcionamiento del ciclo diésel y de sus más importantes características.