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CPR-700 R35 GTR STAGE 6 CONVERSION TO 700HP Dyno and Street Footage

Built & Tuned by Car Planet Racing. This UK Spec R35 GTR (previously at Stage 4 - 600hp) receives Stage 6 Upgrade by Car Planet Racing. Specification: CPR-700 turbocharger Upgrade Cobb Tuning Access Port (custom Dyno Dynamics Mapped with Cobb Tuning Pro-Tuner Software) CPR Turbine Outlet Downpipes CPR Version GT Exhaust System (3.5" Bore) CPR 3.5" De-Cat Y-Pipe CPR-700 Air Flow Meter Bodies CPR Induction Kits CPR Specification Forge Motorsport Actuators CPR Fuel System Upgrade with RC Engineering 750cc Injectors CPR Heavy Duty Clutch Pack A Piston & Seal Kit CPR Heavy Duty Clutch Pack B Piston & Seal Kit CPR 4WD Circlip Retainer Kit CPR Input Shaft Circlip Retainer Kit CPR 800lbft Clutch Plate Kit Final Power Output: 570.7HP at the wheels 713.4HP at the flywheel estimate 640lbft 19psi on 98 RON PUMP GAS CPR offer Stage 1-8 Power Packages for this car, ranging from UK Warranty Friendly mild upgrades 500hp, though to our Stage 8 - 850HP Conversion. We also specialise in Gearbox Upgrade Rebuilding and Replacement. Please call for details T: +44(0)1925 414199 www.carplanetracing.com


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Nissan GTR vs Suzuki Hayabusa (0-300 Kmh)
Nissan GT-R R35 OLEG (730 HP) vs Suzuki Hayabusa Want more: http://www.dragtimes.info

R35 GTR Promo! **Crazy***
Driving Sport TV "Taming the Serpent Promo" Co-Producer & Editor: Steve Arcenio Association: jmusic company

R35 GTR vs Ultima GTR
MPR R35 GTR versus Ultima gtr, Porsche turbo, Sti, 370z, miata at Mission Raceway Vancouver BC VCMC Track Day

Switzer Performance 1000hp Nissan R35 GTR Dyno Video
Dyno tuning our GTR R1k package, this run is 951 AWHP and 804 AWTQ.

CPR Car Planet Racing R33 GTR owned/built by Laurence Stewart - 630hp/430lbft - Dyno Session
CPR's Laurence Stewart's R33 GTR on Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road, late night Mapping Session thanks to CPR's Andy Clark. 494.6HP at all 4 Wheels 634HP at the flywheel estimate (using 22% Loss) 430lbft at 1.35bar Full Specification: '95 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Stock RB26 Engine ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit HKS Metal Headgasket HKS Metal Intake Manifold Gaskets HKS Metal Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Tomei Poncams Type B 260/260 9.15/9.15 HKS Adjustable Cam Pulleys ACL Race Main & Rod Bearing Set Tomei Sump Baffle Kit N1 Oil Pump RC Engineering 1000cc Fuel Injectors Bosch 044 In-Tank Fuel Pump Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator Garrett T04Z Single turbo Conversion CPR Top Mount Exhaust Manifold CPR Screamer Pipe CPR 3" Front Pipe & Cat Bypass Sanaka Engineering Titanium 3.5" Cat-Back Exhaust turbosmart 50mm External Wastegate turbosmart Race Port B.O.V. turbosmart Boost Tee Modified Greddy I/C Hard Pipe Kit Blitz Intercooler Setrab 25 Row Oil Cooler Aeromotive -10 Lines & Fittings Remote Oil Filter Conversion Exedy Hyper Twin Plate Clutch Kit Wedsport TC005 18 x 10J Lightweight Rims Toyo R888 265/35/18 Tyres Top Secret G-Force Front Bumper Top Secret G-Force Side Skirts Top Secret G-Force Rear Bumper Extensions Carbon Fibre Rear Wing Blade BC Racing Custom External Reservoir Coilover Kit Endless 6 Pot Front Brake Kit Endless CCR-g Carbon Metallic Brake Pads Project Mu G-four 335 Racing Brake Oil DBA 4000 Series Front Brake Discs Momo Race Steering Wheel Blitz 60mm Boost Meter Blitz 60mm Oil Temp Meter Greddy turbo Timer Apexi Power FC De-Jetro ECU Thankyou to AET Engineering for your support in providing Garrett T04Z and turbosmart Products. Thankyou to Andy Clark for mapping. Thankyou to Clive Seddon & Russell Fellows for help with fabrication.

Nissan GT R 34 Skyline singel turbo with 700Hp
high octane overBoost. Ketzal sterling are in Japan with the rest of the Octan crew to get some video of cool cars.

700 HP AMS GT-R Launch...FAST!!!
Wish you could feel the ground vibrating in front of us...launch was exhilarating to watch...even better to drive...an extremely visceral driving experience...0-120mph happens almost instantaneously...this car is the most impressive piece of machinery ever built...next upgrade requires jet fuel!!!..this car might just be heading in that direction...add wings and this car might take flight...just a thought

"The unicorn" R35 GTR unleashed!
kaizen built R35 GTR (dubbed "the unicorn") finally unleashed on the streets after delivery. Car made 680awhp on Mustang Dyno (heart breaker) on low Boost (21psi) Initial shakedown runs thru bostons tunnel system Fully built motor with tomei cams, large billet turbos, meth inj, etc. This car has IT ALL. Accomplanied by Kaizen's own R35 GTR and a customers E92 M3 with Amuse Exhaust

GTR R35 SSP New turbo upgrade- 700+whp soon to be released.
South Side Performance new tubo upgrade street testing

CPR Version GT Exhaust System - R35 GTR - Sound Testing Footage
Car Planet Racing's Version GT Exhaust System for the R35 GTR, with Front Y-Pipe De-Cat, for replacement of the stock Exhaust system. Performance Gains can take the car up to 530HP at the flywheel with replacement of the Exhaust system and catalyst removal, and up to 600HP achieved when tuning the car. CPR's Version GT Exhaust System Features; 3.5" T304 Stainless Steel Construction V-Band Connections (no gaskets or nut/bolts) Front Y-Pipe features twin x 3" to 3.5" Collector with all-Mandrel Bent sections (the best designed Y-Pipe currently on the market) High efficiency Bullet Mufflers to offer the best possible Exhaust gas flow and optimum sound muffling Transforms the GTR Exhaust Tone completely, giving the car an "Prestige Exotica Tone" comparable to the high-end aftermarket systems for Ferrari and Lamborghini For more details; Visit our thread on the GTR Register: http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/130646-new-product-cpr-t304-3-5-90mm-v-band-Exhaust-system.html Or go to www.carplanetracing.com We specialise in R35 GTR Performance Tuning Packages, Transmission Upgrades, Servicing & Maintenance. Please contact us today to enquire further about our Exhaust System Range and other Performance Products T: +44(0)1925 414199 www.carplanetracing.com NOTE: ALL VIDEO FOOTAGE PERFORMED ON CLOSED TESTING ROAD

SP Engineering: GReddy R35 GTR Twin Turbo Kit
www.sp-power.com In attempts to provide the much sought after R35 GTR with significant power gains, Greddy has put together an off the shelf twin turbo kit that enables SP Engineering to build a 9 second daily driven GTR without sacrificing the comfort of removing the interior, etc. SP Engineering was able to produce a whopping 9.62 second 1/4 mile slip at 149mph using this setup including the Type29 R-Spec XL Intercooler. Another client of SP Engineering, Hing Yim, was also able to pull a 9.84 quarter mile pass. This kit provides the tuner with all the essential hardware to get their GTR up to 800+ power gains. Fuel management is not included in the kit. For more inquiries please contact any sales rep at Greddy or SP Engineering. All installation, and tuning for this video has been executed by SP Engineering techs. Please inquire with eugene@sp-power.com or turboalex@sp-power.com for any questions regarding such services. greddy.com sp-power.com

Porsche 911 DMY vs 911 Turbo vs Nissan GT-R P800 vs 911 GT2 vs GT-R Novidem
Dragtimes.info vs GT-Board (Video 6) Dragtimes.info: Porsche 911 turbo (997) DMY (750 HP) GT-Board: Porsche 911 (997) turbo (600 HP), Nissan GT-R R35 P800 (800 HP) vs Porsche 911 (996) GT2 (550 HP) vs Nissan GT-R R35 Novidem (585 HP) More info: http://www.dragtimes.info

1000whp Nissan patrol VTC vs 2012 GTR r35 vs 2011 Shelby GT500 vs GTR switzer P600 in UAE
Nissan patrol VTC T51 HKS turbo kit, 2.2bar 1000whp 2 passengers vs 2012 White Nissan Gtr R35 Black edition HKS Catback , HKS Y-pipe , Intake Filter vs 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 American racing headers, X-pipe Intake filter, Pulley, Tune. Shelby GT500 need to retune vs 2009 Nissan gtr R35 switzer p600 , hks bov

Best GTR launch control reaction ever
Courage is strong in this beautiful GTR Pilot! She took the directions given to her and just rolled with it! I love the part where the fear takes over body control, which makes it hard for her to think straight to let off the gas to make it stop. Hahahahaha This is by far the best GTR Reaction I have ever seen with for GTR Launch control.

Switzer Performance 1000hp Nissan R35 GTR Test Drive
On the way out to the Dyno, we capture this video of the R1K GTR leaving a stoplight. The tires put a haze of rubber down when it hits second gear and a little into 3rd gear before the driver lets off. Vehicle modifications include but are not limited to: Switzer R1K Engine and Engine Management Systems Switzer R1K Intake and Exhaust Systems Switzer/Shep/Dodson/PPG Transmission Contact Switzer Performance Innovation for more information.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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charles, Engine: 2.3 turbo, Turbos: gt3076 Tires: NITTO NEO GENS

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Anthony Pannone, Engine: stock, Turbos: GT3076R

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Andrew Helm, Engine: stock block, Turbos: GT3071r Tires: Nitto NT555

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Michael, Engine: 2.3 disi turbo, Turbos: stock Tires: stock

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2nr, Turbos: stock

2006 Mazda 6 Mazdaspeed 6: 12.907 @ 106.750
superskaterxes, Engine: 2.3l MZR DISI, Turbos: k04


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