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40" Sony Trinitron KV-40XBR700 1080I HD CRT TV
I just picked this bad boy up to play my retro video game consoles on. Even a Blu-Ray in my PS3 looks really good on this 300 lb behemoth.

Dash Z Racing LED Bumper Lights 04 Sierra
These were easy as pie to put in and I think they look tits. Thanks SMD for sending me to Dash Z, and thanks to Dash Z for the sweet new LEDs!

The Ultimate N64 Game Cartridge Shelf pt4 Finale Complete N64 Collection
All I have left to do is squirt a little black spray paint on the wires for the LEDs and tack them into place. I'm really diggin how this turned out.

DC POWER 300SPX 300 amp High-output Alternator
WOOT! 220 amps at idle, 300 amps at 2000 rpm.