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Herbie replica turbo car vs ruck

herbie takes on a truck


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STAR CARS- Herbie The Love Bug & Horrace The Hate Bug (Ep. 5)
Athena meets a hot-rod Herbie Beetle that actually comes alive, thanks to robotics. Plus Herbie's screen-used evil twin, Horace The Hate Bug, and a special message from Love Bug star Dean Jones himself. Watch More Episodes: http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYRHyGZirQ1_vUQtIzJT-7xpoWRKpR7qV The Crave Star Cars Hub: http://www.craveonline.com/hub/star-cars STAR CARS: an award-winning web series profiling famous movie and TV vehicles and the owners who love them. We can't get enough of TV and movie car replicas! And if you can't either... FACEBOOK Star Cars: http://facebook.com/StarCarsCrave Host/Producer Athena Stamos: http://facebook.com/GirlFromLA CraveOnline: https://facebook.com/CraveOnlinecom TWITTER Host/Producer Athena Stamos: http://twitter.com/AthenaStamos Producer Brad Hansen: http://twitter.com/BradHansenFilms CraveOnline Studios: http://twitter.com/CraveOnlineVids CraveOnline: http://twitter.com/CraveOnline Special Thanks to Star Car Central: http://StarCarCentral.com

Herbie Cars
From the Mid America Motorsport collection.

Herbie in Malta v.1
This is a vedeo of a Herbie replica that exists only in Malta. Hope you like it.

Meeting Monte Carlo Herbie #12
I put this video together for fun after meeting up with the owner of an original movie Herbie. October 2006

Fuscapeta o fusca mais rápido do mundo
o fusca tunado ganhando uma corrida....

Vintage Bug racing against a Mustang

FLAT4 Deano Dyno Soars in JAPAN DRAG RACE WAY BEST ET 11"471'

Herbie the love bug

Herbie The Love Bug, does tricks
This Herbie was an old rusty blue Volkswagen Superbug pulled from a junkyard. I rebuilt it from the ground up, painted it myself and engineered all of it's tricks. Herbie is famous at local car shows and kids absolutely love him.

Herbiemania's 10 yr Anniversary Celebration Cruise
On Saturday, December 22, 2007 Herbie owners gathered at Disney's All Star Movies resort in Florida to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Herbie the Love Bug fan club (herbiemania.com). Herbiemania was the first site devoted to Herbie on the web! Enjoy!

Oricalc Crisis Division - Herbie VW Beetle 53
EN - Tribute video dedicated to the VW Beetle n°53, Herbie the Love Bug IT - Tributo dedicato al Maggiolino della VW n°53, Herbie un Maggiolino tutto matto www.oricalc.it/crisis

Landis Corvettes Shillington PA Herbie the Love Bug Tribute
Remember Herbie The Love Bug? Splitting in half and driving up walls? Well Landis Corvettes located in Shillington PA has this 2000 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie The Love Bug Tribute Car. Call us today at 610-775-1515 or visit us at www.LandisCorvettes.com

my 1972 VW bug "herbie"
please rate and comment. My bug is a 1972 converted to a 63 model and I've had him since I was 12 years old and I'm now 15. I'm gonna go ahead and say that he is probably the best friend I've ever had. I've probably spent around $3000 on him so far and still spending. So far I've removed most all traces of the 72 model year parts and rebuilt the motor. I made the mistake of takeing him to jiffy lube to get an oil change and the basturds put 4 qaurts instead of 2 and a half which resulted in my rear main seal blowing out and spraying oil all over the heater boxes almost catching him on fire. When I took the motor out I decided to just rebuild it while I had the opertunity. It was my first time and all I had to go by was John Muurs idiout book and the knowledge that my dad gave me over the years about cars. Nine months later I had it all back together and in the car but first start was hell, I apparently crossed the condenser wire on the coil and fried both it and my points which caut fire but luckely I had an extinguisher there just in case, and it was about 8:00 at night I was tierd greassy and ready to give up so I ended up sitting there crying in the middle of the street for about 15 minuts untill I went inside and left him in the street. I came back out later on, pushed him back in the garage and went to sleep. Next morning I find a pool of oil coming out from the garage door, I opend it and saw it dripping down from from under the car. So I gave up for about a week and then took another crak at it. Pulled the motor out again, loaded it up in a uhaul, and took it down to the bug shop and just told the guy "make it run". So another week later I get it back, stick it in, remember the wire tips the guy gave me and turrned the key, and it fired right up. I felt more accomplished that day than ever. He may be a pain in the butt but that car gives me more enjoyment and happieness in return which more than makes up for it.

mustang cobra vs vw turbo
vw sedan turbo vs Mustang cobra

Herbie alive & well at the saturday cruise, Kissimmee, Florida.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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