Herbie replica turbo car vs ruck

herbie takes on a truck

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Herbie at thunderdome
Racing my Herbie replica at Calder Park in 2002 with disastrous results. No one was hurt in this video. Just my car and my pride.

Fusca Herbie - Air-cooled Street Turbo 9s962 @ 233 km/h recorde
Hermes Batista, piloto e preparador da equipe Street Race, entrou na casa dos 9 segundos e bateu o recorde da categoria TST na terceira etapa do Campeonato Força Livre de Arrancada 2015.

VW Bug vs Porsche, Lamborghini Gallardo, Nissan GTR - Street outlaws (German)

a great replica of the legendary herbie, with working doors, hood, etc. i filmed this car at old town in kissimmee, FL.