Herbie replica turbo car vs ruck

herbie takes on a truck

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Beetle meeting @ Schoondijke (Herbie Replica) part 5
Someone owns a replica of his his movie hero and drives it too. Beautiful car with lots of details and a great appearance. Enjoy the show.

Herbie replica in the uk
Demo of the radio control functions on our newly restored Herbie beetle.

2013 Australian Herbie Gathering
A short compilation video of the 2013 gathering organised by Alex Micakovski for the Australian members of LoveBugFans.com in Sydney Australia. The cars present are owned by: Alex - Ex-Disney car from Herbie Goes Bananas and Herbie fully loaded (the sunroof car) as well as a Herbie go kart from Herbie Rides Again, Cameron - Hardtop car (the one without hubcaps, now a completed Monte Carlo sunroof replica) Jay - Hardtop Monte Carlo Replica (the one with hubcaps) Credit to George Bruns and Disney for the music.

Herbie's first video
First video of my finished Herbie the love bug replica