Supra Build

Here is a stop-mation build of my latest body. I decided to do this kind of in the middle and its my first attempt at stop-mation.

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toyota supra 1/18 - Tuning 1/18
toyota supra ertl 1/18

Painting An RC Car
My new shell just arrived! decided to paint it as soon as i could :P Its a Nissan Silvia S15 from any questions just post a comment or message me, hope you enjoyed the video, sorry i rushed the end it was because i ran out of time :( that's why in some parts of the video it looks like bits have been cut out (because they have xD) I forgot to mention, always use spray that says 'For Polycarbonate' or spray that will adhere to lexan, otherwise you paint will flake away over time. *STEP BY STEP METHOD OF PAINTING AN RC SHELL* 1) Right out of the box the shell will be part of a huge sheet, you need to cut this with a craft knife, Lexan scissors or an 'exacto' knife. Go around all the edges with a fine grain sand paper for a smooth cut. Avoid using normal scissors to cut out the shell as its extremely hard and there is a high chance you will either UN-evenly cut edges or you will accidentally scratch or cut the inside of the shell. 2) Once you've cut the shell out, wash the inside with warm water and Fairy Liquid with a sponge or cloth. Let it dry naturally or use a blow dryer or heat gun, avoid using paper towels or tissues as they leave behind lint. 3) Mark out where the body posts go with a sharpie or some other type of marker on the top of the car (not the inside) as the top will have the over spray film on. Use a body reamer or drill to make the holes, I recommend doing this before painting. 4) Apply the window masks, be sure to get rid of all the air bubbles around the edges of the window masks, as this will cause bleeding when it comes to painting the car. Use the back of your thumbnail to firmly press all around the edges of each window mask. 5) Apply any other tape around the area you wish to paint a different colour, always paint the darkest colour first as you don't want to have dull patches on the lighter colours. 6) Begin painting the car in a well ventilated area, preferably outside. Paint in very thin layers to ensure you have evenly painted you shell. Again you can use a heat gun or a blow dryer on a very low setting to speed up the process in between each layer of paint. Spray roughly 3-5 layers of paint for the main colours and 1-2 layers of backing spray (usually silver or white spray). 7) Once you have finished painting, wait until the shell is COMPLETELY dry, before taking off the window masks and over spray film, you should now have a decent quality RC Car shell! 8) If you wish to install light buckets, treat it like painting a shell, paint them in the exact same way. 9) Finally you should be able to go out and test your new shell! :D I hope you found this helpful, -RCDM-

Custom RC Subaru WRC Wide Body rebuilt
Old school 190mm HPI Subaru impreza wrx sti 98 rally wide body modification. Fitting the 190mm on the 200mm nitro chassis. Carbon fiber hood, extended fenders. The original body modifications were damaged after some harsh rally runs. Here is what I did to repair the damage and make it every more crazy and wild.

My First RC Drift Car Build
This is the first rc car I have had it has took 3 months to get all the parts and build it up. Thanks to the guys at RC for all there help. Try swag bucks for free stuff while you surf the net works for me.