Kilo 6-13 1.8 mile.MOD

Kilo Racing Naturally Aspirated RX7 2 Rotor at Central Florida Roadcourse Dragstrip in Orlando Florida. It was about mid 90's.

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FujiRacing Miata Redline Time Attack 1st Place E Town
FujiRacing Naturally Aspirated ITB Miata 184 WHP Redline Time Attack 1st Place Mod/RWD Englishtown NJ 2009. Engine Built by Raul Rodriguez. Driver: Thomas Hiromoto 2nd Place-Pontiac Solstice turbo 270 HP 3rd Place Z06 4th Place 240sx turbo. Redline is 9000 RPM's & it came in handy. This course shows exactly what ITB's do on a all around circuit with tight corners and straight. Advantage of ITB's/Cams isnot only the Throttle Response but Low~Top end performance unlike any other type of induction system. Thank-You Raul & Thomas and to all of you that came out to see what a Miata can really do on a circuit. Mods: FujiRacing 45mm ITB's FujiRacing Racing Cams FujiRacing Underdrive Pulley FujiRacing 4-1 Header Rota 15x8 RB NT-01 Hawk Brake Pads Mishimoto Radiator

Kilito RX-7 Vs La Pequena Melanie
World Sport Compact Challenge

FujiRacing ITB Miata Curves 2009
FujiRacing ITB Miata 210 HP/184 WHP. Redline 9000 RPM's. Engine Builder Raul Rodriguez Puerto Rico. FujiRacing 45mm ITB's-FujiRacing 4-1 Header-FujiRacing Flywheel-FujiRacing Cams-FujiRacing Underdrive Pulley-Stock injectors & valves.1st turn is very tight accelerating in 2nd. Just had this car at Nashville hitting 140 MPH on the banks. Idles at 1000 RPM's all day long. Connect 2 tight turns together and you get the idea.. No lag and no other induction comes close when it come to Instant Throttle Response. 184WHP Dynoed at Titan Motorsports. 2008 Redline Time Attack VIR Overall Street Class Winner. 2009 Redline Time Attack Nashville Modified RWD Winner. Next we will bolt in our most agressive cams. 200WHP?This engine's pistons are 10:5.1 CR w/slightly shaved head. Can you imagine a 13:1 or 14:1 CR. We are using 93 oct. pump gas.

FujiRacing ITB Miata 184 WHP 1 2009 07 24 21 35 05
184 Wheel horsepower NATURALLY ASPIRATED on Pump Gas. We had 171 WHP with choked down 38mm velocity stacks & all we did was go straight 45mm Throttle Bodies for this Dyno session and got 184 WHP. We are 10.5:1 CR Pistons using FujiRacing 45mm ITB's-FujiRacing Cams-FujiRacing 4-1 Header-FujiRacing Underdrive Pulley-FujiRacing 1 pc. cro-moly Flywheel. Stock Con Rods-Torsen LSD-Stock Valves-Dual Valve Springs We are using the stock injectors. Engine built by Raul Rodriguez Puerto Rico. 200 WHP is easy with ITB's & cams on race fuel. We won overall street class at VIR 2008 in the REDLINE TIME ATTACK w/171 whp. 2009 Won the Redline Time Attack Nashville Modified class & NJ E-Town Modified Class. Dyno Session @ Titan Motorsports