944-SPEC Race, Road Atlanta

Just some highlights from Sundays race at Road Atlanta with NASA-SE

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944-Spec Road Atlanta NASA 12/1/12
944-Spec racers in the Lightning group with NASA at Road Atlanta. Jason Werner in the white 17 was on pole, then me, RJ Schramm in the black 7, followed by Mike Dearstyne in the red 26. The race starts pretty well with Mike beside me in the esses and then passing me in 5, me passing him in the back straight, then him passing me again in 5 when I almost go off. Then the red flag comes out and I get shuffled to the back. The red and double yellow laps are edited out. Finally catch RJ and sneak past him behind an E30 and spend the next couple of laps fighting him off until another red flag ends the race.

Road Atlanta NASA 3 13 2011 CRASH
Thunder Roadster No. 26 Spins in front of Porsche 944 No. 19, causing a crash and retiring both cars, Minw with bosy damage and a broken radiator.

My crash at Foothills BMX in Torrington, CT on 8/6/17. I suffered a concussion, 5 broken ribs and bruised lungs because of it. I either lost control over the doubles or hit soft dirt/mud from rain the day before and wiped out. Either way. Use this as a tool to better prepare yourself for a crash or injury such as this.

Connecticut BMX Promo Video
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