944-SPEC Race, Road Atlanta

Just some highlights from Sundays race at Road Atlanta with NASA-SE

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Road Atlanta NASA 3 13 2011 CRASH
Thunder Roadster No. 26 Spins in front of Porsche 944 No. 19, causing a crash and retiring both cars, Minw with bosy damage and a broken radiator.

Inside 944 race car
Here's a brief tour of the inside of the 944 race car we're building for ChumpCar.

What not to do at a DE (Road Atlanta, Dec 06)
Corvette passes a 944 (camera car) just before T1 at Road Atlanta... Viper tags along

TN Sleeper Fast 944 Turbo
Watch this instructor-driven 944 turbo run away from my 220 rear-wheel-HP 911 on the backstraight. For years I mistakenly believed all 944 turbos were this fast. Then I slowly realized this was one of the few 944 turbo's I couldn't keep up with in a straight line. This car is a real sleeper, and the fastest 944 turbo I've witnessed in 25 years! Of course, if you ask him, he'll tell you it's just a stock 180,000+ mile motor. And that's actually mostly true. But if you run into him on the backroads of TN, consider yourself warned!