6 sec inside car.mpg

Here is some footage from our latest 6 sec pass, sorry we dont have the complete run from the outside but Rotorg33k will have that up tonight.

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The 6 sec zone is here FINALLY, Here is a little clip to show everybody some of the paths the Capri has undergone. From the early days when she did not look so pretty lol, Hope you enjoy

Trick &Mansweto are a well deserved team to finally reach the 6second zone with 694CI N/A engine. Special thanks to MIck from ICE IGNITON,DOMINATOR CONVERTERS,UNDERWOOD SMASH, PRO SYSYEM CARS, Con From Pro Street Metal Craft, VP RACE FUELS,CRAFT DIFFS Special thanks to family and crew (trent,Steve and Con) thank you.

A ride inside a 6 second 200mph Drag car.
Onboard footage with Darren White in his Dodge Dart at the Kwinana Motorplex in Western Australia. Reaction time is abit off: 0.422 and he got off the throttle 1/2 second early. This is a new engine combo so this was pretty much testing :)

HDT275 7 sec pass in car footage
In car footage- Terry Seng's Paramount Performance HDT275 Twin turbo LS Holden VC Commodore- Drives to the track towing the race trailer, Runs 7.97 @ 174mph & Drives Home!