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GTA SA Fast And Furious 8 Trailer Remake
My Fast 8 trailer remake. This took a lot of time but it was a lot of fun to make it! I hope you guys like it.

GTA V Fast And Furious 8 Trailer Remake PS4
★Welcome to the Fast And Furious 8 Trailer reenacted on GTA V for the PS4. Dom has turned against his family, and he’s working for a new person now. We really worked our extra hard on recreating this amazing trailer Universal has created for The Fate of The Furious movie & I'm blessed to have such awesome friends help me with this project & many more to come! I hope you enjoy :) Original Scene: All movie trailer audio content belongs to Universal Pictures & there production companies. To support the franchise, go here: The Midwinter Links ➤Subscribe Today! ➤Twitter: ➤Tumblr: ➤Instagram: ➤GTAV Crew: ➤(Friends In The Video) GhostbusterKevin Jasonfd cookieboy39896 xXKILO_GAMERXx W1Z_BEL1EVA13 XBRONY_INSANITYX ECTO-11 FLA2NC HILLBILLYHELTON GrandslamSTL54 TIMOTHY9000 Italic-Games graciekajitsu William_5 This recreation was created by GreatnationHD and his associates using material from Grand Theft Auto V. Any attempt of re-uploading this video shall be removed immediatly.

GTA SA: Fast And Furious [Pt.1]
Ez a Fast And The Furious GTA SA verziója a PKGamingtól [Parkour Gaming]. (Első rész)

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