JK Racings Projekt SIS

JK Racings Projekt SiS. En riktigt frän saab

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SiS SAAB 900 at Tullinge
I DID NOT SHOOT THIS FOOTAGE, I just put it up here for all to see. Actually it's "Sasse" from Nordic Tuning that shot it. Sadly JK is in the process of selling all parts from this awesome SAAB and is taking some time off from racing =( All info can be found om his website (in swedish): http://www.quicknet.se/home/q-111108/

Diket racing Saab og900 turbo 4

Saab 9000 600hp projekt
Saab 9000 projekt

SAAB 900 turbo 16v with 505 bhp
Saab 900 turbo 16v trackday DHB Vandel 2008. Stalls at first, but then hell brakes loose. (a spark plug was burned off)